Rag Dolls

Dusty Calabash's wonderful rag dolls are handcrafted using the finest materials available.  Each doll is unique with hand-embroidered features.  Special orders are welcome and your child's name can be embroidered free on any doll. 

Our most popular item!  Hand made since 1975!


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Raggedy Ann & Andy

Raggedy Ann and Andy

These Calabash Kids are traditional cloth dolls very much like the original, much-loved Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls.   They come in Caucasian with light skin and bright red hair or African-American with brown skin and black hair.   Dusty will make the clothes in other colors upon request.

Rag-Hair Calabash Country Girls

These country bumpkins are available in Caucasian with light skin and muslin hair or African-American with brown skin and black hair.  They look like they just came from the farm, wearing country style dresses of calico and homespun with ruffles and panties.  Hair is torn fabric with a bow to match the clothes. Order clothing in beige/brown; blue; red/blue; green; green/yellow; pink or your choice of colors

Calabash Clowns

Wearing a clown hat and big ruffled collar, this cloth doll sports a traditional clown costume, yarn hair and a happy face.  Available in primary color combination or red, blue, yellow, pink, or green gingham.  You may also request specific color combinations.

Amish Girls

Wearing a dark blue or burgundy (you choose) dress, black hat and black apron, this 20 inch faceless friend carries her "quilt in progress."  Divine!

Baby Jenna

This little sweetie is about 16 inches tall and is wearing a flannel pajama set.   She has her yarn hair in little ponytails all over her head with lots of matching bows.  Order her in Caucasian, African-American or Asian with pink, yellow, or blue pajamas (you choose).

Quilter Dolls

They are "sew perfect" for that special quilter.  A customized gift that is made just for her.  These quilters are approximately 22 inches tall and hold their "quilt in progress" and sewing basket.  Choose from four fashion types or customize your own with clothing style and color, quilt style, hair color, skin tone, and eyeglasses. All have yarn hair and embroidered faces.  Dusty Calabash's designs.  Custom-designed quilter dolls from $35.

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